Holgersson m fl (red)  (Re)searching Gothenburg

Essays on a changing city

Översättning av Brett Jocelyn Epstein

Redigerad av Helena Holgersson, Håkan Thörn, Catharina Thörn & Mattias Wahlström

Equipped with one of Europe’s biggest ports, Gothenburg rapidly became a leading industrial city. Today, after the shutdown of the shipyards and with the car industry in the midst of a crisis, Gothenburg is the Swedish city where the transition to a postindustrial condition is most evident. Should this transformation primarily be understood through the local history of Gothenburg, or in relation to a more general global development? Could one even deal with worldwide urban changes by researching Gothenburg?

Glänta Produktion, Maj 2010
308 sidor, Häftad

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